All orders are shipped primarily via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipping is one flat Rate. Items are shipped at least two days from the purchase date. No holidays. All Domestic orders are free standard shipping. International orders are $9.99 standard shipping. Shipping varies based on what items you order. All T-shirts and graphic items are made to order. If you purchase t-shirts along with accessories, they will be shipped separately. Accessory Items are usually ready to ship while T-shirts and other graphic items have to be made. Production may take about 1-3 business days. Domestic shipping may take up to 3-5 business days, and International shipping may take 5-10 Business days depending on the items and/or destination.

What does SM88 mean?

SM88 was created by Artist and Designer Shernone M. It is her initials followed by 88 which is the year she was born.

What do you mean by the Term "Eco-Conscious"?

The term Eco-Conscious (when it comes to the SM88 brand) means that more often than not, a conscious effort is put forth to use Organic or Eco-friendly products, being resourceful (where it is suitable), and putting out possitive messages.

What types of Eco-friendly/Organic t-shirts do you print on?

Bamboo, Hemp, and Organic Cotton.

-Bamboo and Hemp are the fastest growing plants on Earth. Produces more oxygen than trees. Grows in most climates and requires very little water to grow. Organic Cotton is grown in fields that have been chemical free for at least three years. Regular cotton consumes 25% of the world's pesticides (2 billion pounds).

What does One-Of-A-Kind mean?

While others define One-Of-A-Kind as being unique items, One-Of-A-Kind here means, items that are only made once or items that we only have one of. So this means any item listed as One-Of-A-Kind is the ONLY one of its kind. You can expect to find jewelry and some clothing Items in the One-Of-A-Kind category.

Is it safe to shop on your online store?

Yes, shopping on this site is 100% safe. This site is powered by Moonfruit which uses Paypals payment platform. All payments are secured by Paypal.

What payment types do you accept?

You can pay securely via Paypal even if you do not have an account set up. Just use your Debit or Credit card. We accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover or direct payments.

How will I know if my payment went through?

As soon as your payment is received you will get an email confirmation.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final at this time.